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About Elizabeth B Jenkins

Spiritual Teacher of the Inka-Nature Wisdom Tradition and International Bestselling Author, Elizabeth B. Jenkins is the author of the International Bestseller, The Return of the Inka (translated into 24 languages) and Journey to Q’eros. These two spiritual books are widely regarded as two of the most influential books on the Inka Nature Wisdom Tradition. A Fourth- Level teacher of the Andean tradition, she is known for associations with Juan Nunez del Prado, for her adventures into Peru, for founding the charitable organization The Wiraqocha Foundation and her service as a Chaka-Runa" a "bridge person," a translator between world views.
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The Fourth Level New Book

A primer on how humans can increase their Nature Intelligence, this book translates the worldview of the Q'ero Indians through Seven Energy Principles that reveal how we are each inherently connected to nature. The book includes 7 authentic Inka practices along with companion audio meditations that allow the reader to experience each one of the principles personally and directly.
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The Wiraqocha Foundation is a non-profit organization funded through individual donations and foundation grants. The support of our Fourth Level members and the general public is vital to the preservation and promulgation of the indigenous Nature Wisdom and Knowledge System taught by the Q'ero. By shopping our Market Place you help to encourage the rich traditions of weaving, music, and ceremony of the Q'ero community, educate the next generation of PAQO's and facilitate exchange with the Western world while minimizing disturbance of the delicate fabric of this sacred nation of people. Your support also helps to sustain and grow the Fourth Level.

Paqo Farms Apprenticeship Program

The wisdom of the Ancients meets the spirit of Hawaii in harmony with the natural world. Come spend a month with us as we connect with Mother Earth, dive deep into Inka Nature Wisdom Practices, learn organic farming and immerse ourselves in the spirit of Hawaii. Our beloved Q'ero brothers Don Francisco Apaza and Don Ricardo Apaza will be here at our farm, Ai lani Orchards, working with our Paqo Farms apprentices from September 15 to October if you have been considering joining our month-long Paqo Apprenticeship Program, where the wisdom of the ancients meets the spirit of Hawaii in harmony with the natural world, September and October are the months to come! We are also offering two shorter programs so that those with more limited time still have the opportunity to learn from the Q'ero in the beauty and majestic natural power of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Ñust`as: Healing Forces of Nature

November 9-16, 2016 – Mother Nature works healing through her envoys, the Ñust`as. Miskayani is the Q`ero mystical city of feminine power, the Shamballah of the Andes, and a deep and potent source of Ñust`as. This powerful, experiential weeklong workshop – hosted on our farm at Ai Lani Orchards, with ceremony at sacred sites around the Island – is dedicated to empowering our connection and communication with the Teqse Ñust`as (the global Ñust`as ) and we will spend a full day honoring and working with each one of her special Ñust`as, as well as the Ñust`as of Miskayani. Finally together we will construct a brand new Mesa, a pure Ñust`a Mesa. This can become your most powerful healing tool!

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